How do I add or remove Timestamps from the Photos on my Report?

We moved this setting to the Report Options screen as we made a decision to place all settings such as this in one place (previously they were split between report options, and the app settings screen). You can access these options by following these instructions:

1. On initial launch of the app, you'll be on the Projects List. Tap the Project you wish to work on.

2. You'll now be on the Summary screen. Tap the blue "Share" button.

3. A preview of your Report will generate. Once completed, look to the top right of the screen for the Report Options button (see circled below) 

4. At the top of the Report Options screen, you will see four options with a toggle switch - the third in this list is the Timestamps option.

5. Tap the tick in the top bar to confirm these changes. These will be saved as a default for all future reports. The app should generate a new preview of your report with these changes.


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