How do I change colours on the reports?

1) Tap on the Cloud tab and access the Project you wish to generate into a report.
2) Tap "Share Report".
3) From the Report Preview, tap the Report Options button in the top right corner.
4) Tap on "Colours" to open up the Report Colours screen.

This next screen can be looked at as three areas: item selection, colour picker and colour details.

 - Item Selection: This is along the top of the page and allows you to select which item you wish to change the colour for.

• Primary: This is the main colour feature on your report. It varies from theme to theme but is always an aspect of the general appearance of a report and is not text content.
• Text: This is the colour of your Issue Titles.
• Sub-Text: This is the colour of your "Assigned To" text.

- Colour Picker: This allows you to select from the full range of colours. The bottom bar allows you to select the general colour you wish to use, whilst the large area allows you to then select a specific shade (or you can use this to select black, white or grey).

 - Colour Details: This is the more technical side of the colour selection. The numbers here represent different values that make up your selected colour. These will update as you use the Colour Picker above.

• The top row shows the RGB code for your selected colour.
• The second row shows the Hue, Saturation and Value numbers (HSV).
• The bottom item is the Hex colour code. This always begins with a "#". A Hex code "combines" the RGB and HSV codes into one code.

You can edit each of these manually if you wish, or you can use these values to copy a colour over to another item or enter a specific colour (for example, to match that used in your company branding). We recommend you use the Hex code if you wish to copy specific colours.


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