Previous Update Notes

Version 2.4.3

- Fixed: Overall comments are now included when duplicating inspections.
- Fixed: Inspections without a date will no longer cause a crash.
- Fixed: Dates on reports were sometimes displaying incorrectly.


Version 2.4.2

- Fixed: Contemporary theme now displays categories and tests in the correct order.
- Fixed: New paragraphs now display correctly as new lines on reports.
- Fixed: Multi-line test titles now display fully.


Version 2.4.1

- Fixed: An issue with saving photos during the database update.


Version 2.4

- New: We’ve changed the way Checklist Inspector stores all your data, it's now faster and more efficient.


Version 2.3

- New: We've changed the way you customise your reports. Now you can change options after creating a report, and we'll remember your settings from last time to make creating and sharing reports a breeze.

- Fixed: A bug causing the help section to get stuck.
- Fixed: Incorrect photo number labels on reports after deleting a category from a template
- Fixed: Test comments and action comments now span the full width of the cells in landscape orientated reports.
- Fixed: A pesky bug stopping reports from attaching to emails properly.
- Fixed: We've added a check to ensure templates with zero categories can't be imported and used.


Version 2.2

- New: We’ve added a new report theme, check out the new Contemporary report design.
- New: Sort Inspections and templates by reference.

- Fixed: Test comments saving to the wrong test.
- Fixed: Site location not updating to the correct coordinates.
- Fixed: Reports being the named 'LatestGenerated.pdf' when sharing with other apps.
- Fixed: Sometimes the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons for tests weren't working, we've sorted this out.


Version 2.1

- New: We’ve added a clean up utility to help free up storage space on your device. This only needs to be run once, it'll clean up all the old unneeded files.
- New: You can now duplicate categories in the template builder.
- New: We've streamlined the way you export reports.

- Fixed: AirPrint is back for your exported reports. Sorry about that!
- Fixed: Changed 'Not Available' to 'Not Applicable' in some cases.
- Fixed: An issue with overlapping category numbers when viewing templates.


Version 2.0

- New: We've given the whole app a refreshing new UI.
- New: Actions are now managed with a pop-up screen, making it simpler to add action details.
- New: We've added more insightful stats to the Project Overview screen.
- New: Signatures are now much easier to add, with a pop-up screen to sign and add signee details.

- Fixed: A bug causing reports tables to be misaligned.
- Fixed: Annotations now display in the test detail photo thumbnails.
- Fixed: Various minor bug fixes.


Version 1.7.2

- Fixed: iOS 8 compatibility issues.


Version 1.7.1

- Fixed: Small bug fixes to support iOS 8.


Verison 1.7

- New: Compatibility with iOS 8.


Version 1.6

- Performance improvements.


Version 1.4

- New: We've redesigned the way you add details to a test to make the app faster and easier to use. Now tap a test to add a comment, photos or actions.
- New: Template creation has had an update, based on your feedback we wanted to make this more compact and quicker to use so we've moved some things around to speed up the workflow. You can now add categories on the left and tests on the right.
- New: We've added a sample template for users looking to dive straight in with an inspection.

- Fixed: An issue with the audit manager and company being swapped, sorry about that.
- Fixed: Various bug fixes and improvements across the app.


Version 1.3

- Fixed: An issue with Template Creation.


Version 1.2

- Fixed: A crash on the Template Creation screen.
- Fixed: A crash on the Test screen.
- Fixed: Stability improvements for 64bit devices.
- Fixed: Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.1

- New: Added an option to use the Template Title as a new Inspection Title.

- Fixed: Minor fixes.


Version 1.0

- App released.


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