Update Notes (v5.0 to current)

Last updated 01/10/2017

Version 5.8.4

- Fixed: A crash when saving photos to the Camera Roll on iOS 11.


Version 5.8.3

- Fixed: Some users were experiencing a crash when opening the app after updating to iOS 11.


Version 5.8.2

- Fixed: Photos will no longer deselect when adding multiple photos at once.


Version 5.8.1

- Fixed: Large reports should no longer crash when previewing.


Version 5.8 

- New: Today View Widget added - You can now view and share your latest report from the Today View screen.
- New: 3D Touch support - If your device supports 3D Touch you can now preview a Project directly from the Project List and preview an Issue from the Issue List.

- Added: Better support for accessibility features - With Voiceover turned on you can now get a spoken description of all the buttons, text and features in Site Audit Pro. We have also made changes to make sure that Site Audit Pro is still usable at larger text sizes.

- Fixed: Changing text size on iPhone no longer causes a crash when switching between projects.
- Fixed: Stopped keyboard from hiding cells in the issue list.
- Fixed: Text in the Settings Tab no longer disappears after changing text sizes. 


Version 5.7.6

- Fixed: Changed report timestamps slightly to make them easier to see on light photos (also fixes "ghost" time stamps experienced by a handful of users).
- Fixed: Pasting large blocks of text into the issue comments field should no longer cause some of the text to be hidden.


Version 5.7.5

- Fixed: Timestamps will now work correctly when adding multiple photos at once.
- Fixed: Selecting a photo from the photo library will no longer duplicate that photo when "Save Photos to Camera Roll" is enabled.


Version 5.7.4

- New: New Issues are now selected automatically.

- Fixed: Reports generated with the photographic theme sometimes had incorrect photo sizes.
- Fixed: Various minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.


Version 5.7.3

- Fixed: A crash when changing Issue comments.
- Fixed: App settings were not saving for some users.
- Fixed: Duplicating Projects was not working as expected.
- Fixed: Report cover photo was not saving correctly.


Version 5.7.2

- Fixed: A crash when updating Issue info in split view on iPads.
- Fixed: Larger text sizes should now display correctly.
- Fixed: Projects weren't displaying for some users.


Version 5.7.1

- Fixed: An issue with the 5.7 update that sometimes caused a crash when opening Site Audit Pro.


Version 5.7

We've been working working on some updates and thought we would share what's changed. This update prepares the app for future additions like text annotations and multiple images per issue so stay tuned!


- New: We have a new design that should make it faster for you to create and share reports!

- Added: You now have the option to no longer crop images to square. Find this in Settings > General > Use Square Images.
- Added: Apple Pencil support for better Signatures.
- Added: Duplicate Project - now you can make a copy of an existing project. This allows the same functionality as "Save As...".

- Fixed: A bug when "Create from Existing" where reselecting "Create New Project" would not clear the copied Project's title.
- Fixed: Not all images from your Photo Library were showing when adding multiple issues at once.
- Fixed: Signature looked distorted when previewing.
- Fixed: Date Format was being hard coded in some areas of the app.


Version 5.6.3

- Fixed: An issue with sending large PDF attachments on iOS 9.2+


Version 5.6.2

- Fixed: A bug with renaming PDF Reports. 


Version 5.6.1

- Fixed: A crash on iOS 8.


Version 5.6

- New: 3D Touch has been added back in.

- Removed: iOS 7 support.

If you have any issues or feedback please email us at


Version 5.5.1

- Fixed: Crash relating to iOS 7 and iOS 8.

- Removed: We have temporarily removed 3D Touch as it was causing some issues on iOS 7.

Future versions of Site Audit Pro will be iOS 8 and iOS 9 only. Support for iOS 7 will end with this version.


Version 5.5

- New: 3D touch support. You can create a new project or view your latest report using home screen quick actions.
- New: We've polished up the app for iOS9.

- Fixed: We changed 'Job Reference' to just 'Reference, allowing for more flexibility for all.
- Fixed: Batch imported issues now have correct timestamps.
- Fixed: An issue where reports were reported to be Zero KB.
- Fixed: Display issues with the reports list on iPhone.


Version 5.4

- New: You can now change the ‘assigned to’ and ‘prepared for’ text that appears on reports, you can do this in the ‘Customisation’ settings.
- New: Page numbers on reports, you can toggle this in ‘Reports’ settings.
- New: iPhone 6/6+ support
- New: Company logo size setting, this can be changed in ‘Customisation’ settings.

- Fixed: A pesky crash when taking a photo.
- Fixed: Scrolling issues for our iPhone 4S users.

- Removed: In-app Dropbox integration has been removed. Please download the Dropbox app from the App Store and use the "Open in..." option when sharing your Report to send it to your Dropbox account. This method offers you far greater control over where your reports are located.


Version 5.3.5

- New: Extra Large Image Size - now export your PDF with 2 Images per page.

- Fixed: A delay when exporting the PDF to other apps on iOS 8.
- Fixed: An issue with the timestamps reporting the incorrect time.
- Fixed: Outdated information in the FAQ.
- Fixed: Other small bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version 5.3.4

- Fixed: Project Duplication not showing correctly.


Version 5.3.3

- Fixed: Annotations clearing unexpectedly, and occasionally not saving.
- Fixed: Minor layout problems on Financial and Corporate themes.
- Fixed: Various bugs causing niggles, thank you to all our users for the helpful feedback.


Version 5.3.2

- Fixed: An issue where old reports could be sent out.
- Fixed: iPhone 4 and 4S users not being able to purchase the new themes.
- Fixed: All Export Options crash on iOS 7.


Version 5.3.1

- Fixed: An issue with sending reports.


Version 5.3

- New: We've added new report designs to choose from. A new 'Modern and Bold' theme, as well as 6 others available via an in-app purchase.

- Fixed: An issue when adding a company logo.
- Fixed: A bug occuring when duplicating projects.
- Fixed: Longer issue titles no display, instead of trailing off screen.
- Fixed: Multiple photo import wasn't refreshing the photo albums sometimes, we've fixed this up.


Version 5.2.1

- Fixed: An issue with the filename when exporting reports.
- Fixed: Other small bug fixes.


Version 5.2

- Fixed upgrading from 4.X versions.


Version 5.1

- Fixed an issue with upgrading the database for some users.


Version 5.0

- New: Create multiple issues at once with our new Image importer.

- Speed: We have dramatically improved the speed and reliability of the app.

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