Can I edit my Projects on other devices?

Currently each Project can only be edited on the device that it was originally created on.

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    Peter Meggat

    Hi, we are an Architectural Practice and have been using Site Audit Pro to generate snagging lists towards the end of building projects.
    There are a number of features which would make this much better including:
    Being able to edit projects on other devices & sync across multiple devices. (often there is more than one person doing the snagging, preparing different reports for different areas on different devices, it would be good to be able to share / sync projects so that a single person could pull a combined edited report together at the end.)


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    Jonathan Wee

    Hi, same as what Peter has mentioned above. Site Audit Pro is a good app for personal use. It is a simple and easy to use tool and produces professional reports. However, we work as a team. It will be great if it the projects and lists can be shared or synced among different users in the team no matter what device or platform we use. It would be much more productive if we can truely assign tasks/issues to the responsible party's device (rather than just a field/line in the report) for that person to continue working on them (add photos/comments, etc) as well as collaborate and work on the projects and lists together.

    On reporting, it would be great if the reports can be exported to editable formats other than PDF alone so that others without the app can work on them as well. It would be even better if they can be filtered by dates, categories, tags, etc to produce reports/stats for different purposes.

    Thanks & Best Regards,