Can I access my Project Photos outside the App or on a computer?

If 'Save to Camera Roll' is enabled in the app settings, your photos will be accessible in your device's Photos app. If "Save to Camera Roll" is disabled, you can also access them on a computer via iTunes.


Please ensure you're using the most recent version of iTunes prior to following the instructions below:


Accessing photos on a computer

1) Connect your device to a computer running iTunes.
2) Open iTunes and click the device in the top right (you will see an icon representing the device).
3) Click 'File Sharing' on the left side of the window.
4) Find and click on 'Site Audit Pro'.
5) Each folder you see, aside from Last Generated, contains photos for the project the folder is named after. Select each one you need.
6) Click ‘Save to…’ and save them to a safe location on your computer (e.g. your desktop)

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