How can I manually backup Reports to remove them from my device?

This is possible by using iTunes to save the PDFs to your computer. The app will only store one PDF, which is the last generated report, but this file should update with every newly generated report, even when plugged into iTunes. Because of this system, you don't need to worry about PDFs using up storage space - the app handles this issue itself!


Prior to following the instructions below, please ensure you have the most recent version of iTunes installed.


Using iTunes to access reports

1) Connect your device to a computer running iTunes.
2) Open iTunes and click the device in the top right (you will see an icon representing the device).
3) Click 'File Sharing' on the left side of the window.
4) Find and click 'Site Audit Pro'.
5) Select the folder named "__LatestReport"
6) Click ‘Save to…’ and save it to a safe location on your computer (e.g. your desktop)
7) Generate each report as required in the app and repeat steps 5 and 6. The files within that folder will update, even when connected to iTunes, so there is no need to disconnect your device.

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